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Daryl Brunt 4 Canadian Idol Fansite

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Welcome to the first website dedicated to the talented Daryl Brunt. Daryl was a contestant of the Canadian Idol TOP 7.

Due to the lack of info on Daryl Post- Canadian Idol this Website won't be updated as often. If someone has contact with Daryl let him know that he can email me at the bottom of this site and i will keep this Site up to help his career progress. Best of luck bud! J. Esposito


10/07/05- There isn't much left to put on the site. There is no one out there keeping me up to date with performances and stuff. I emailed someone hoping that they might be able to help us out,,, but I highly doubt it. I will wait about 7 days from a response, if there is nothing i will no longer be updating this site due to the amount of time it takes to keep this site up and running.
08/26- Sorry bout the delay... i have been so busy with work and moving into my new house for university. Ne ways, i just uploaded the Top 7 Group performance, and Daryl's Elimination Performance including his thank yous. If you guys have anything else you want uploaded just let me know k.
08/21 - a link to Daryl's Welcome home party has been uploaded as well as some other pictures.
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